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Established in 1990, Saddler’s Creek is a boutique wine company situated in Pokolbin, the heart of the Hunter Valley. We specialise in producing premium and super premium wines from some of Australia’s premium and oldest wine growing regions.

Each and every day, we at Saddler’s Creek strive to create a point of difference. Not only with our wines but with the way we present them to an enthusiastic wine market.

Saddler’s wines are distinctly different than the vast majority of wine product available to wine lovers. Our wines are made to a relatively simple principle, that is, to produce intense lush flavour and yet have the ability to be enjoyed with the finest of foods.

We believe that fine wine has to enhance the flavour of any accompanying meal. After all, wine is the only alcohol made for the sole purpose of being enjoyed with food.

The only real wine is good ‘food wine’.

Our wines are made from the grapes of some of Australia’s premium wine growing regions and each one exhibits the unique regional characters of those well known regions such as, the Hunter Valley winery, Langhorne Creek and McLaren Vale.

The common observation by our new customers is “your wines are so flavoursome and so smooth on the palate”.

Hunter Valley Winery

We are unique in the cluttered Australian wine market in that 85% of our domestic sales are directly to consumers and not through the confusing retail shop market place.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us as winemakers, in that we have a special relationship with each of our customers and have the opportunity to listen to Australia’s wine lovers and make wines they want to enjoy.This allows us to be more critical of our methods and be more introspect in our wine making direction.

This opportunity is not available to those producers who are kept at arms length from their ultimate customers. We are lucky enough to have a VIP customer group called Club Equus that has a substantial membership of very loyal and committed customers proud to be a member and have the chance to enjoy wines of this calibre.

As well as a focused direct approach to our domestic sales we are now embarking on exciting export markets that are opening up to us.

Our future direction in export markets are niche sales to restaurants and prestige luxury hotels.

We are very excited with our prospects in this area and our ability to supply increased quantities to these premium establishments.

Already our fine wines can be enjoyed on the best tables in such places as U.S.A., Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Cook Islands, Fiji and China.


If you are new to Saddlers … we have a saying ” Just Taste It “

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